Our mission is to be a caring community of lifelong learners, with collaborative teaching in a workshop model where students are doing most of the talking and heavy lifting of their learning. 

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“Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark”. “To be a champion, compete; to be a great champion, compete with the best; but to be the greatest champion, compete with yourself.”
“A champion is one who is remembered. A legend is one who is never forgotten.” ​“Amateurs quit when they are tired. Champions quit only when they have won.”

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Every Indian today harbours a dream to be an entrepreneur. There are great ideas everywhere. But it is not easy to turn a great idea into a successful business. We live in a global economy. This means that both opportunity and competition are global. To succeed you need the right tools and the proper training to effectively use those tools. At I’msmart, we provide corporate training for budding entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses that plan to expand into a new market. We offer e-learning online programs in India in Accounts & Finance, Digital Marketing, IT Education and many others. Business education in these fields is critical to the success of any business today.

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We ensures that every student creates the projects with our Entrepreneurship training. Our 50+ reputed brand association are dedicatedly working to provide you wide variety of professional education for IT, Films & Media, Digital Marketing, Accounts & Finance & many more. We additionally provide you opportunities to freelance with our communities. We are also here to support you to launch your own brand in India.

We provide you with an extensive education & training and live projects from Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Finance & Accounts, Films & Multimedia. These are only a few professional course options from our brand, but the whole course options will leave you confused and stunned. Additionally, we promise you to provide sales & marketing plans with various strategy, so you don't have to go for other types of jobs.








Your queries & our solutions. Feel free to contact for more clarifications.

1. Is IMSMART an Institute or a Company?

IMSMART is a unit of Techovr Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai providing Corporate Training in collaboration with Godaddy, Marg ERP, SEO Discovery, Badabusiness, Brain Barn edu & Xtreemz Pictures. We're also associated with Startup India, NSDC & Skill India.

We specializes in offering 100% Job Oriented Professional Corporate Trainings. So you can Learn early, Earn Early & Retire early with Financial Freedom.

  • IT Education (in collaboration with Godaddy, Bangalore)
  • Digital Marketing (in collaboration with SEO Discovery, Chandigarh)
  • Accounts & Finance (in collaboration with MARG ERP9, New Delhi)
  • Films & Media (in collaboration with Xtreemz Pictures, Mumbai)
  • Entrepreneurship Training (in collaboration with Badabusiness, New Delhi)
  • Intelligence Building Courses (in collaboration with Brain Barn Edu, Mumbai)
  • Teacher Training Program (in collaboration with Brain Barn Edu, Mumbai)
2. What industries do IMSMART specialize in?

IMSMART is an Ed-Tech Company & a unit of Techovr Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, providing corporate trainings in collaboration with trusted & reputed corporate brands which is designed first time in India in "Learn While You Earn" concept where students start their earnings in their wallet from Day 1 of joining.

3. Does IMSMART provide Professional Courses?

Yes, IMSMART is a unique startup designed for 100% Job Oriented Professional Courses in collaboration with India's trusted & reputed brands.

4. How can IMSMART help to raise money?

IMSMART is designed for generating manpower to provide services to our mother company Techovr Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mumbai & our associated 50+ brands & our huge clientele which generates a source of income for each students from Day 1 of joining our any corporate trainings till 6 months which starts releasing from their respective wallet to their personal bank account in form of stipend & salary. So technically if students pay attention towards their assignments & complete them within the deadline, students got credited more than they had paid for their education.

5. Does IMSMART also provides Jobs / Placements?

Yes, Before completion of your corporate training, you got your job with one of our sister company. After completion of your training you got several options to get placed either with our 50+ associated brands or with one of our client with whom projects you are associatd with.